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Looks like we are having issues with the image hosting service, doesn't it? We'll get things sorted out here soon enough when we settle on a better image host!

In the meantime, please look out for more blogs coming soon!

as1x752    23rd Nov 2018   

B-Sides came and went. It was an awesome experience, to say the least. I know I'm getting around to writing about it pretty late in the month, but things happen.

Right away it I had a good feeling about the talks, and I wasn't even in the door yet. I decided to show up early for this one so that I could attend some interesting talks. Arriving early also meant that I could…


Link: Apple XNU ICMP Error CVE-2018-4407

CVE-2018-4407 is a kernel RCE caused by a heap buffer overflow affecting multiple apple devices. A patch has been released by Apple, so be sure to update before it is too late. This exploit could potentially allow attackers to run arbitraty code in the kernel. As a proof of concept, Kevin Backhouse, who initially found the vulnerability, has written up a proof-of-concept to show how you…

as1x752    30th Oct 2018   

Link: Bugbounty Cheatsheet

What is it?

Bugbounty Cheatsheep repository is a collection of resources for new or current bug bounty hunters. Resources are seperated in to two categories; References and Vulnerabilities. 

In the references column, you will find resources such as books, tools, platforms, and tips.

In the vulnerabilities column, you will see various code snippets for common vulnerabilities along with their respective applications that are affected by said vulnerabilities. You might also get some…

as1x752    22nd Oct 2018   

Link: Awesome Infosec

What is it?

In this repository you will find links to various websites and resources for learning about information/cyber security. Some of the resources you will have to pay for, others are free.

Who is it for?

This repo is for anyone who is getting into penetration testing, but might also prove useful to those who either need a refresher, or would like to expand their knowledge regarding the subject. These resources…


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