as1x752    19th Oct 2018   

Link: Red Teaming Toolkit

What is it?

This repo is a collection of tools for Red Team/Penetration testers. The repo provides tool recommendations for Reconnaissance (for probing targets and intelligence gathering), Privilege Escalation, Data Exfiltration, et cetera.

Who is it for?

This repo is for anyone who is into penetration testing and would like to have a ready list of tools for getting the job done. Even if you are a beginner and don't know…

as1x752    17th Sep 2018   

B-Sides DFW 2018

The date is set! Are you ready?

I, for one, am pretty excited to see what B-Sides is going to have ready for us this year. I missed last years conference and kicked myself for it. If you are planning on going, make sure to register!

B-Sides DFW Registration

Whether you're going for educational purposes, or for fun, the event should prove to be both. Be sure to say hello if you are going…


Thank you to element14 and Atmel for giving me the chance to review the Sam4s Xplained.


  • Product Performed to Expectations: 10

  • Specs were sufficient to design with: 10

  • Demo Software was of good quality: 7

  • Demo was easy to use: 10

  • Support materials were available: 7

  • The price to performance ratio: 10

as1x752    27th Jun 2018   

New Content Coming Soon!

Just wanted to post to test some stuff out. Everything is looking good so far.

Reasons to stay tuned:

  • New Content
  • Lots of stuff
  • Things

I don't know about you, but that sounds good to me.

As the website comes together and more content is added, we'll be considering what to add to improve upon content delivery as well as other features. If you have any ideas for the website, be sure to let us know!

as1x752    12th Nov 2014   

B-Sides DFW

I'm writing this post a bit late here, so please bear with me while I recall my thoughts.

Well, B Sides DFW happened recently and I had just become aware of what B Sides is, so naturally I took interest in it. For the most part, I definitely had some fun and it was quite the learning process as well. I'm sure the majority of the people there new so much more than me, but…


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