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B-Sides came and went. It was an awesome experience, to say the least. I know I'm getting around to writing about it pretty late in the month, but things happen.

Right away it I had a good feeling about the talks, and I wasn't even in the door yet. I decided to show up early for this one so that I could attend some interesting talks. Arriving early also meant that I could pick up all the neat swag for registering.

 Network Tap Badge

After collecting the loot I checked the awesome map they had in their pamphlet to figure out where to go next. Unfortunately I wasn't able to clone myself to be able to attend the other on-going tracks, but I decided to head over to track 2.

 The Map

"The Pentester Blueprint: A Guide to Becoming a Pentester" -- Phillip Wylie

Phillip is a great speaker and gave an excellent presentation on getting started in the information security industry. It's easy to see why Phillip decided to start teaching classes on InfoSec as he is very knowledgeable on the subject. I definitely recommend checking him out or joining in on one of the meetups to see what you can learn.


After the Pentester Blueprint talk, we went straight over to track 1 to catch the next talk.

"Windows Internals and Threat Hunting with Volatility" -- Deepak Mahbubani

Deepak gave a in-depth talk about memory forensics. Call me a nerd, but this subject is very interesting to me. Learning about analyzing memory dumps to investigate compromised files and systems might seem tedious or boring to some, but looks like a way for me to add another notch to my belt.

 Dump Process With procdump

 Dump Process With dlldump

 Leveraging Threat Intelligence

 File Handles

 What Functions Are Hooked?

Link: @datagoon

At this point, we decided to take a break from the talks despite wanting to attend Mark Clayton's "Ur Shellz Belong to AWS: Pentesting challenges against services environments" which was likely a very interesting talk.

*sad face*

Instead I decided to part ways with my b-sides buddy to head over to the Reverse Engineering village (I actually got lost and thought I was at the Hardware Hacker village) where I was able to solder up my network tap badge.

 Soldering Up The Badge

 Look At Those Caps XD

I also got a second badge for free!

 Floppy Disk Walk In Badge

Apparently walk-ins got a different badge that is an actual floppy disk. The ancient relic contained files for the STF (Scavenge The Flag) event they held.

I later re-joined my b-sides buddy for lunch and then headed back to track 2 for the next talk.

"Radio hacking 101: a case study in how to DoS the global APRS network" -- Michael West

Learning about how people are using radio frequency transmitters/receivers to do relay attacks for breaking into vehicles and possibly causing mass disarray by making tornado sirens go off is probably a weird subject to be interested in. 

It's interesting enough to learn that radio protocols aren't very secure, as there haven't been too many advances in security for this technology. This leave a plethora of devices wide open to attack.

 Radio's Got Some Good $#!T On It

Not even halfway through Michael's talk, the emergency PA went off. For a moment it seemed like a prank someone decided to pull just to interrupt the on-going talks, but after getting word that there was an actual fire in one of the labs, everyone evacuated out to the parking lot. It was almost as if they didn't want this information getting out...


After the local PD and fire department did their thing, we decided to head back over to the main area to check out the Hardware Hacker village and the Lock Pick village. They had some neat beer bottle badges for sale for $10 dollars, but unfortunately I forgot to bring some cash with me to pick one up.

My b-sides buddy decided that it was time to call it and head home after messing around with lock picks for half an hour.

It was great being able to attend all these talks and learn a whole bunch of new things. Thanks to everyone who made B-SidesDFW possible, everyone who volunteered, and those who were brave enough to speak. We truly live in the information age, and information is akin to gold these days. 

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 Swag Bag Contents

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