Fidel Salinas    15th Jan 2014   

The Freescale FRDM-KL25Z Platform comes in a nice little package and at a great price, but it does not come with much needed headers for utilizing shields. I'll start my advantures with this board by soldering on the 4 different headers. These are the headers that I ordered: - 2 2X8, 1 2X6 and 1 2X10. Keep in mind, if you have longer headers you can always cut them down to size. I noticed that laying the board down with the headers up keeps them centered, so I lay the board on my work bench and solder 2 corners of each header utilizing this method. I take a look to make sure everything is flush, finish soldering up the rest, and then place a shield on just to be sure. Everything seems to be in order and I'm now ready to see what I can do with CoCo and Mbed.

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