as1x752    22nd Oct 2018   

Link: Awesome Infosec

What is it?

In this repository you will find links to various websites and resources for learning about information/cyber security. Some of the resources you will have to pay for, others are free.

Who is it for?

This repo is for anyone who is getting into penetration testing, but might also prove useful to those who either need a refresher, or would like to expand their knowledge regarding the subject. These resources might also be useful to web application developers to get an idea of how they can code with security in mind.

Who is it not for?

Most of these resources would probably not be used by veterans in the industry, unless they are being used to teach beginners. It's still a great resource to have close by if you ever need a quick refresher on a certain method or functionality.

For me, this repository is very handy, since I'm only getting my foot in the door for InfoSec and penetration testing. I like the idea of having a centralized location to refer back to if I need to research or learn something new. The fact that it has free learning material makes it easy to get started. 

Once you are ready to fully commit, you might want to jump into the paid courses to get reach a level where you are confident in your skills as a pen tester/infosec guru. Funnily enough, the information technology industry grows at an inordinate rate. Yesterday's gurus are today's noobs.

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