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Link: Bugbounty Cheatsheet

What is it?

Bugbounty Cheatsheep repository is a collection of resources for new or current bug bounty hunters. Resources are seperated in to two categories; References and Vulnerabilities. 

In the references column, you will find resources such as books, tools, platforms, and tips.

In the vulnerabilities column, you will see various code snippets for common vulnerabilities along with their respective applications that are affected by said vulnerabilities. You might also get some external links to blogs, write-ups, or proof of concenpts to better understand the vulnerability and how it can be implemented.

Who is it for?

Anyone looking to get a foot in the door for bug bounty hunting, but even seasoned vets might find this repository useful. Sometimes you might be on the right track with an exploit in mind, but you might not know how to approach it. With this repository book marked, it makes it easier to refresh your memory on possible attack vectors.

Who is it not for?

Anyone who has all of this information seared into their brains. That might not be too many people. Perhaps this will inspire people's brains to forge new neural pathways through repetition so as to allow you to become one of those people.

My thoughts?

Just to re-itterate, it's useful to have such a repository at hand as a cheat sheet to get you through those times when you might be left stumped by a quarry. Not only that, as someone who is new to the bug hunting scene, it is also a good resource to know what to invest time researching.

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